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Civilization on the edge?

Holiday on Crete boat greece

15 years later I dive again in this Greek bay. I can observe the mass extinction on the earth up close. Instead of expected marine life such as squid, shells, starfish I can only find garbage, stunted plants and small fish.

According to a new study, 1 million species will soon die out on Earth. It may even be too late to save humanity in its present form. The message - intended as a disillusionment, can have exactly the opposite effect. If it's already too late, then why the whole effort?

Even if our lifestyle could be saved, that would not be possible without orders from above. Exactly where the climate is to be saved, state laws and prohibitions are in high demand. Because all habits have that in them, they are very difficult to get rid of. According to neurobiological findings, a habit can never be completely deleted. Instead, you have to exchange it with other one and retain it for at least 4 weeks. To adhere to it permanently is the most difficult task. Without "help" from Big Brother we will probably have to accept the changes and adapt quickly to new climate conditions.




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