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Flow and Focus


Creative work requires full attention, a state of full focus in which no distractions interrupt the work process. A satisfactory work can then arise from such many, also short, flow states. With small but always effective steps you move forward safer, as if you want to finish everything at once or quickly. Such work brings less satisfaction with average results, because a flow state can not last forever and you work with only half enthusiasm and half attention. Instead, you should find every day a moment to carry out at least one step with full attention. Incidentally, this is the best way to complete complex tasks - to systematically force yourself to take at least one, even the tiniest step. Because then subconsciously a need arises to carry out further steps and the work begins to lead by itself. The first sentence, the first line with a pencil, the driving of the first nail inevitably lead to further steps towards the goal.


step by step sketch on cotton paper


> Pencil sketch in: