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Page 1 Chapter 1 "Easy hunt"

From the series "Long, long time ago and not true..."

For the second night in a row, he woke up and ran to the only wider gap in the roof to check if everything was fine. He tried to count the slihouettes huddled together under the stone wall surrounding the farm, but it was difficult to distinguish anything in the darkness. He then lay down resignedly on his bed in the middle of a large pile of straw and tightly wrapped himself in a bearskin. Windy Holkon nights were troublesome, especially when the only obstacle for the wind was a thatched roof.

The subtle surge of anxiety that had pulled him out of bed didn't allow him to fall asleep for a long time. He listened to the hushed stillness, attuned to any sound that might emerge from beyond the roof. Only the wind penetrated through the dense mountain forest and rustled the needles. Once in a while he had the impression that a distant, ephemeral howling was coming through the even hum. In Holmen, it is whispered that hiberi come down to the valley, lured by the easy hunt....